On this home page, we'll introduce our Tai Chi Ch'uan and
Qi Gong school and highlight important areas to our site.

The primary goal of our school is to promote, through the study and practice of Tai Chi Ch'uan and Qi Gong, the health and wellness of all the students. Anyone, regardless of age and physical condition, can learn and benefit from doing Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong. One of the main reasons for students beginning their study of Tai Chi is to reduce the effects of health conditions. Currently, and in the past, students have found relief of the symptoms of arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid), Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, recovery after a stroke or heart
attack, diabetes, rehabilitation and recovery after an auto accident.

For students with health difficulties that limit physical movement (ie. arthritic joints, recovering from injuries), the exercises and movements of the Tai Chi form are modified to provide maximum benefit, without pain or further irritation of existing problems. 

Our school is located in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada and has been operating since 1997. The classes currently run year round, with two classes per week for the Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels.

We have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level classes. The Beginner classes are always conducted separately from the other classes. The Intermediate and Advanced classes may be combined or conducted as separate classes, depending upon the number of students attending.

For an overview of how our classes are run, please go to the Program page.

Note: There are only group classes available. The instructor does not live in the Grimsby area and commutes for the two class nights.

2018 Class Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday evenings:

6-7 p.m. Beginners Class

7-8 p.m. Intermediate & Advanced Class


 Our Location:

St. Andrew's Church
7 St. Andrew's Avenue
(Centennial Hall)
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


2018 New Beginner Class Start Dates:

         Tuesday, January 2, 2018

        Tuesday, April 3, 2018

        Tuesday, July 3, 2018

        Tuesday, October 2, 2018